More Adventures in Home Ownership

I had to come home from work yesterday when Amy called and said “we have a roof leak.”

Got home, and saw this. Water damage to some of the old paneling on the outside wall, but no problems at all to the ceiling, which was very baffling. We figured that we had a roof leak.

Called the insurance company, and the adjuster came out today. He got up on the roof, and gave it a clean bill of health. They can’t do anything (as water damage without distinct roof damage isn’t covered), but he’s going to call a contractor for us to get an estimate to get the paneling spot-fixed.

We finally figured out what the problem was – leaf buildup on the root caused standing water, which slowly dripped/soaked down through a specific spot on the roof, onto a stud, and onto the wall you see in the pictures.

The solution was fairly easy – we went to Lowes, and bought a folding/telescoping ladder and a push broom. Amy spent about a half hour up on the roof sweeping off leaves (quite a lot of them), almost giving herself heatstroke in the process.

I guess we’ll find out if this was the cause/solution when we get rain from hurricanes in the Gulf in the next few days.

3 thoughts on “More Adventures in Home Ownership

  1. I’ve got a similar leak, but mine is actually outside. Everytime we get substantial rain, like we’ve had this past week, a strange oval pattern appears on the bricks – but just in one area. Long after all the other bricks dry, this group of about 20 or so bricks stays wet.

    No idea why, but maybe I might need to get the old ladder out myself and check the gutters.

  2. We had our ceiling fall in in our spare bedroom a few years ago because of the same problem. There were some bad storms when we were out of town that caused a branch to fall in a valley on the roof. The water backed up under the shingles and caved in a 4’x4′ section of ceiling. The insurance folks had a cleanup crew there in less than 2 hours. They came by the next day and wrote a check for $1800. I did the work myself for about $250 in supplies and a weekend of time.

    Always keep your roof swept in Texas. Our downpours will find any weakness in the roof and send water where it’s not wanted.

  3. We never had to worry about this at the other house, as we didn’t have any overhanging trees. At least we’ve got a ladder and a broom now.

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