The only bad thing about Houston…

2007 UPDATE: In the two years since I originally made this post, I’ve become a regular customer at EPO, Electronic Parts Outlet, here in Houston. You can find their website at

2009 UPDATE: Houston now has its own Goodwill Computerworks store, but I’m not really impressed with it at all compared to the variety of bits, pieces, and parts that were available at the Austin location.

Orignal post follows:

The only bad thing about Houston is the complete and total lack of electronics/computer-parts surplus stores (at least that I can find). None of my coworkers know of any decent ones either.

In Austin, there was Discount Electronics and Goodwill ComputerWorks. Houston appears to have nothing similar, which is strange considering how much larger than Austin it is.

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  2. Houston lacks a lot of things compared to other cities.. like much of anything to do that doesn’t involve getting drunk.. more than two electronics stores that don’t focus on cell phone and ghetto jungle-drum speakers.. more than a handful of decent bookstores…could it be that what Houston has very few of, percentage-wise, is educated and sophisticated people? Anybody can educate themselves, but if you don’t value knowing and understanding, and the people around you don’t either, you’ll probably settle for alcoholism and the associated lack of personal defvelopment beyond the level of a 14 year old.

    Oh, but if you do want to dig for the few electronics stores, there’s the EPO the other guy mentioned on Fondren, and there’s also one in Clear Lake. That’s one decent electronics store per 2-3 million people. Pretty sad.

  3. Since I first made this post back in July, I’m now a regular visitor to EPO on Fondren (since I live fairly close to it). I’d say its variety of selection and cluefulness of staff beats out anything I had access to in Austin (combines the best of Goodwill Computerworks, Austin Amateur Radio, and Altex in one shop).

  4. Ace Electronics on Antoine ( is what EPO USED to be before they moved into the new building and expanded to Clear Lake. BTW Clear Lake store has been closed for years. Ace still has lots of salvage stuff and is a ham guys best friend.

  5. You guys are so lame. There are tons computer electrnic parts stores in Houston you got Computer Systems Engineering 713 521-3115, P.C.R. 281 872-0202, F & P Computers 281 351-4164, Electronic Computer Outlet Services 281 388-2835 that is just to name a few RPC Global,HTS sorry the list goes on and on.

  6. Have you tried ACE electronics on Antoine. I’ve been going there since ’87.
    They are a true electronics store, isle 1 resistors, isle 2 transistors, etc.
    They also carry lots of old suplus stuff.

  7. Hey AVGuys, the EPO in Clear Lake is still open, they just moved accross the street into their own building.

  8. All you guys and gals are always welcome to epo where we will do our best to find what you are looking for. thanks
    epi at epo

  9. I spend waaaay too much money at EPO nowdays. 🙂

    Wow, I just realized that this post was made almost a year ago.

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