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Got the new Dell system all setup and updated with Fedora Core 4. Today its new video card arrived, a Radeon 9250 PCI (128M) that was a “thank you” gift from a friend for setting up the website for his upcoming wedding.

After 1.5 hours of fighting to get the ATI card working, I’ve come to the conclusion that ATI’s Linux support still sucks as bad as it did two years ago when I had troubles getting FireGL 4 cards working under RHEL 2.1. I finally got things working properly with the Xorg drivers (ATI’s latest drivers won’t compile under the 2.6.12 kernel), but it should *not* have taken me an hour and a half to do so.

Next time I’ll ask for an nVidia card, as I’ve never had one take more than five minutes to setup with their binary driver package and installer.

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  1. Why did you try install the ATi drivers in the first place? The 9250 is supported out of the box by the stock Xorg radeon drivers, which FC4 would have installed for you. (And even 3D is supported out of the box on FC4 on the 9250). I’m using 9250’s on both Fedora/i386 and Debian/alpha Linux and it was a 0 effort ‘out of the box’ experience in both cases.

    Seems like you went out of your way to make it difficult by installing the (by reports) poor ATi drivers. πŸ˜‰

  2. I actually ended up using the stock Xorg drivers. The main problem is that the A01 BIOS for the SC420 doesn’t allow you to completely turn off the onboard Intel video on the machine, only set it to “Auto”.. so Redhat then tries to auto-detect and setup a dual-head box.

    I installed FC4 before the 9250 arrived, and kudzu never realized “hey, I added another viceo card!”.

  3. Your first mistake was using a peecee
    Your second mistake was using linux…

  4. cosmos: if this was for anything critical, it wouldn’t be a PC or linux. 😎

  5. cosmos,

    Given Solaris x86, Linux, FreeBSD, etc all can use Xorg, I dont see what difference the underlying OS makes (at least for 2D drivers).

  6. OK, I just got the same radeon 9250 PCI. ATI’s drivers failed to activate DRI, & glxgears gave an fps of like 100 (pathetic!). the opensource ‘radeon’ driver works better, lsmod says that drm module is running, so shuld have hardware accn. However, glxgears still gives a ridiculously low fps of 400. It’s a lot better in windoze right now, where doom works without lags. The reason why I pine for accelerated graphics on linux is not because of games, but I really have a hard-on for the composite extension (metaphorically speaking of course) on xorg & wanna use KDE 2.4’s window translucency and drop shadow features (they’d be too slow with such poor DRI). That way when Windoze Vista comes out with similar features in 2006 I can laugh in their faces (heh). I also looked at the opensource DRI drivers as a possibility, but has anybody installed it in FC4? lemme know if so.

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