3 thoughts on “and in the news…

  1. So what do you say when the next terror attack blows up, say, Houston?

    What I like about liberals is they all have this wadded up blind hate, but have no solutions to offer at all. What would you do, hide under your desk?

    You need to try and get a life, bash Bush is old hat and Hilter is so shop worn it’s now just funny. I am beginning to actually feel sorry for liberals.

    PS:NAZI’s were socialist, you know Democrats. The KKK it also was a Democrat invention, ask KKK Byrd for details.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Well I guess someone drank a little too much of the 9-11 NEVAR FERGET brand o’ kool-aide.

  3. i love it when people say “get a life”, throw a bunch of strawman accusations at you, and top if off with “have a nice day.”

    but regarding the issue, personal freedom is the *foundation* of the collective good. freedom didn’t cause 9/11. think!

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