first day of my vacation

We slept late (way late – 3pm), then got up and headed for Galveston around 5. Took the ferry over to the Bolivar Peninsula, and went to the beach in Crystal City. Got some sand between our toes, then headed back, and finally got home around 10pm. We’ve been discussing getting a possible rental “weekend getaway” apartment in Crystal City or Galveston, sometime after the house in Austin is sold and some other things are resolved. It’s really nice and peaceful, but not too far away that we can’t just drop everything and go when needed.

Tried to get some sleep, but I’m just in a funk for some reason. Probably because it’s hard for me to realize that yes, I have a week off from work, but it’s still hard for me to relax and stop doing things like checking my work email and making sure my cell phone is charged. I’ve been a on-call-24/7 workaholic for going on ten years now, and *not* being a workaholic is hard to do after all that time.

One thought on “first day of my vacation

  1. A rental apartment wouldn’t be very cost effective. You should look into buy a bit of rental property that you could rent out when you’re not using it. (When you’ve resolved your cash flow issues.) Otherwise I’d just find some cool hotels to stay in every now and then. Nothing like NOT having to clean up after a relaxing weekend.

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