No Internet

DSL has been down for a large portion of houston since around 2pm this afternoon. I’m riding on a neighbor’s open access point (thank goodness he has a cable modem and not DSL as well). After my DSL is back up, I should go over and show him how to secure things, or at least change the default admin password on the router. I’ve already changed his wireless setup to use a less-congested channel (as there’s tons of people in a 2-3 block radius using channel 6 already).

One thought on “No Internet

  1. I’ll often see five or six access points in the evening in my neighborhood. Half of them, invariably, are on channel 6. That doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is they aren’t just factory defaults. They all have an SSID set, and often have security enabled.

    Instead of bugging them about the open access point, how about thanking them with a batch of chocolate chip cookies instead? Or show them how to setup a VPN?

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