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  1. I betcha can’t get ISPF running. Now *there* is an editor with style.

    When I worked at the Ministry of Transportation, SPF (it didn’t have the “I” then) had separate pages for browsing, editing, checking job queues, etc. I made my own custom screen that had everything, including a list of the 20 most recently used files that I could put an “e” or “b” beside to indicate that I wanted to browse or edit it. I felt like a customizing genius.

    I was so proud of my custom screen that I punched it out on cards so that I’d be able to use it if I got a job at another mainframe shop.

  2. Very cool stuff. It could be a fun practical joke installing Hercules on the desktop of an old IBM’er and dropping down to a full-screen terminal session. Imagine their surprise when they got back! (especially if Hercules could let you get to the other files on your filesystem.. I’ve never tried it).

    I wish OS/390 was freely available to try under Hercules. You have to admit, hosting your website in a OS/390 instance would be pretty geeky.

  3. Actually, RPF is available. It’s a (limited) spf clone. If you’re mainly looking for the editor, it should do the job.

  4. You guys are probably aware of Volker Bandke’s “Turnkey MVS” (MVS 3.8J) system available via cbttape.org. It includes RPF pre-installed.


    Another Dork

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