A note to stupid people..

When your SUV gets stopped for speeding, and you have a suspended license, don’t:

– refuse to put out your cigagrette when the officer tells you to
– refuse to get off your cell phone when the officer tells you to
– take a swing at the officer when he attempts to remove you from the vehicle

Otherwise, you’ll get what you deserve. If you watch the entire traffic stop from the beginning, the driver had an attitude from the very start.

(Update – I just had to share this. We were discussing this on a private mailing list, and I made this comment: “She pulls an attitude and the race card. He pulls a Taser. TASER WINS!!”)

6 thoughts on “A note to stupid people..

  1. I don’t have Quicktime at work so I can’t watch the video, but are they trying to claim that somebody who does all those things *shouldn’t* be tasered, or that they should have been shot instead? Because I’m definitely in the latter camp.

  2. The woman first claims she’s being pulled over illegally (despite having a suspended license, broken windshield, tail light out, no seatbelt, AND she was doing 55 in a 35), then pulls the race card and starts ranting about suing the department.

    She then refuses to put out her cigarette or cell phone when instructed to by the officer, and then refuses to exit the vehicle. When the officer opens the door to pull her out of the vehicle (so she can be arrested), she pulls back and takes a swing at him (from within the truck). He then puts the handcuffs away, warns her at least twice (maybe three times, I didn’t count) and when she doesn’t cooperate, tasers her.

  3. There is no way that you will convince me that such extreme force was necessary to get that woman out of her car.That officer should definately be removed from the force immediately.People have died from the charge delivered by tasers.If they are going to be used there better be a better reason than that!

  4. Arthur Hawkins must be a liberal communist anti american traitor. That woman got off too lightly she should have been lethally shot for her actions against the police.

  5. Lets see, if I were to pull over someone who was argumentative, erratic, and uncooperative, I would be preparing myself for the worst. If she’s willing to jump on her cell phone and call a friend/relative/pimp/whatever, who’s to say that phone isn’t a stun gun or other disguised weapon? When she refused to put her hands behind her back, who’s to say she wasn’t hiding a weapon? Police face different situations each day, and there are times when things escalate to extremes simply because the person they are dealing with escalates it.

    If a cop pulls me over illegally, I’m not going to argue with him. It states on the ticket that signing the ticket does not admit guilt. It also states that refusal to sign does not mean you don’t agree to the charges. The signature on the ticket is simply stating you understand what the cop said to you and you agree to show up in court for the judge to decide who is right. I will obey the cop, and the only things I’ll refuse to do or say are anything illegal or otherwise incriminating.

    If you become a problem to a cop and you resist arrest, they will do what is necesary to neutralize the problem. As a cop in this situation, if you have a volatile subject, you have to be prepared for that subject to inflict harm. Had the cop pulled out his 9mm and shot her, that would be considered excessive force. Had the cop dragged her out of the vehicle and caused physical harm, it would not have been excessive force, but would have caused more bodily harm, either to the cop or to the woman.

    If you disobey the law, be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. If you don’t want to risk DYING from a taser (which is not likely, less likely than physical struggel or a gunshot wound), DON’T BREAK THE LAW, or obey the cops when they catch you doing so.

    Arthur, if this doesn’t convince you of anything, then I hope you never face this situation. Should you come to the position of those cops and you take the stance you take now, you will find yourself harmed, and the person taking advantage of you getting away to do it to someone else maliciously.

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