life’s great moments…

like having my Kia Sportage valet parked at Saks Fifth Avenue, and watching the snooty socialites sneer down their noses at me when it gets the same treatment that their Mercedes does.

In fact, the valet left it parked by the door, while their Mercedes got stuck out in the lot. I tipped him an extra couple bucks, he grinned and wished me a nice day.

3 thoughts on “life’s great moments…

  1. Obviously the valet’s way of getting back to those rich ass holes. Hell, you probably tipped him more than all of the day’s rich ass holes combined.

  2. Its great that the doorman/valet could relate to you and treat you
    as a respected equal. I guess he enjoys fucking the rich in his small and insiginificant
    way 🙂

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