morse code vs. text messaging

Leno recently had a segment where they had a text-messaging via morse code speed contest. Of course, Morse won.

I need to get back up to speed – I haven’t done much with regards to my ham radio license (K5WCB) in a couple of years.

2 thoughts on “morse code vs. text messaging

  1. CQ CQ CQ de KD6OIZ.

    I doubt most people realize just how much Morse is still used today. The best and oldest keyers can pound away at over 80WPM, typically the ones tought by the US Army Signal Core, those guys can key in their sleep, literally. I know of at least 3 guys who have keys mounted to the sides of their drivers seat in the car and communicate via morse while driving!

    Text messaging sucks. CW forever.

  2. CW is actually becoming more popular on the amateur radio bands. Check the statistics on recent CW and SSB contests. It is my favorite mode, and I really enjoy the different “language.”

    73, Duane AC5AA

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