okay, I *am* a nerd.

I just spent $97 on a toy lightsaber, and damn is it awesome. Everyone here at the office is playing with it.

update: pictures and a video (DivX). Yes, I have asthma, and the reason I sound like Darth Vader in the video is because I was chasing the cats around the house with the new toy.

7 thoughts on “okay, I *am* a nerd.

  1. Bill,

    Damn, I just found out you moved to Houston. I’ll shoot you an e-mail soon.

  2. hi, i’ve just stumbled upon your blog and i was wondering about this purchase that you’ve made…

    i’ve been looking into getting a really nice light saber for my boyfriend for our one year aniversary and I wanted to get a really nice one that lit up in sequence. Does the one you bought do that? If so, could you please contact me (playskiprepeat@hotmail.com) in where to get one? Or give me any direction at all? I would extremely appreicate it and I hope that this doesn’t seem creepy or anything! uhhm yess. Thanks!

  3. Charles – I begged, pleaded, and sold $98 worth of some other stuff. 🙂

  4. OMG The light saber is just practicly COOL AND AWSOME MAN!!!
    But i think that 97$ is a little to much for a toy like that.
    After all it can be broken quit easily.. oh well some people have their
    prioities (if that is the way to spell it.)

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