score: cat 1, me 0

Yesterday I had to take our smallest cat back to the vet for her followup visit after being spayed. She’s been known to not like being put in a cat carrier, so on the way home I stopped by Berings, my favorite hardware store, and picked up a pair of leather work gloves. Got home, spent half an hour chasing said cat around the house, finally got hold of her (being VERY glad I had the gloves), and put her in the cat carrier.

As I took the gloves off, I noticed that my left index finger was bleeding profusely. A closer look revealed that she’d bitten through the glove and given me a pretty good puncture wound. I cleaned up and washed it off, and took her to the vet. When I walked in, they said “hey, you’re bleeding” – and I discovered that she’d gotten me pretty good on the underside of my right arm as well. I guess all the adrenaline from chasing her around the house kept me from feeling it. Ten minutes later, I’d scrubbed up with alcohol wipes and antibacterial soap, she was given a clean bill of health, and I brought her home.

Amy suggested that I go to the doctor today for antibiotics, due to the fact that cat bites and scratches can turn into nasty infected wounds. The doctor not only gave me a tetanus shot, but gave me TWO different prescriptions for antibiotics.

Total cost to get kitten spayed: $125
Total cost of the followup visit: $70 (gloves, doctor’s copay, antibiotic prescription)

3 thoughts on “score: cat 1, me 0

  1. Bill, you have to be careful with cat bites, especially on the fingers. Not only can you get nasty systemic infections but the bones can get infected too. Anytime a cat bites you and breaks the skin flush it out immediately with water for a long, long time. Follow it up with peroxide or something strong and disinfecting.

  2. Well, too late for advice on the current wound, but some tips.
    If you get bitten and it’s deep, get an antibiotic shot within 90 minutes. That will get the bacteria before it has a chance.

    Probably going the next day to the doctor was wasted. Most cases I’ve seen, the reaction starts happening that night.

    If it’s a light wound, washing it out with peroxide, etc.. is a good thing. Soaking it in an Epson salt solution is an additional step that helps greatly. Tends to suck any bad stuff out of the wound.

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