in the “obvious” department..

My new KeyTronic keyboard has an installation manual. It’s contents consist of:

Installation Instructions
1. Turn OFF your computer
2. Insert the keyboard cable connector into the keyboard port on your computer
3. Turn your computer ON. During power-up the computer will run a short test. Upon successful completion of the self-test you can use the system.

Are people *really* that stupid nowdays, that they need instructions on how to hook up a keyboard?

its just like Christmas

I feel sorry for the UPS delivery guy today.

From a consulting client, I got (via Amazon):
Griffin Technology iMic
Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter
American Chopper The Series – First Season (DVD)

and from Naturetech Worldwide, I received:
Proso 2400 Portable Workstation
MesoStation 999 SPARC PowerBook
Unfortunately, both of these have to go back to Naturetech in thirty days after I finish a review.

May everyone have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Thoughts on spam..

In the same day, I’ve gotten both “INCREASE YOUR PENIS BY INCHES” and “DECREASE YOUR WAIST BY INCHES” spam.

I wonder why none of it is ever in metric.