a test of patience

A. needed a laptop to take with her on her upcoming trip home to visit family and friends for a month. The only thing I could come up with was an old PII-266 Dell Latitude system with 2M video RAM (meaning 16bit color, but at 1024×768), 128M memory, a CD-ROM that barely works, and a 4G hard drive.

Installing Windows XP, all available updates, doing system tweaks to improve what performance I could get, and installing Putty, PIRCH98, and Mozilla Firefox took three and a half hours. This was with no problems along the way – the system is just that slow.

Fortunately the Xircom “RealPort” Ethernet card I got off eBay about six months ago works just fine in it, and drivers for the card come with XP SP2. She’ll have to find a modem of some sort in TN, as the modem card that came with the laptop is missing its dongle.

I need to find a better beater laptop, like an old Thinkpad – those things are pretty much bulletproof. Anybody have one sitting in a closet?

One thought on “a test of patience

  1. I have one… but I’m sure you don’t want it. It’s a 486 75Mhz Thinkpad where the LCD no longer works. It’s got me royally ticked cuz I had given it to my mother for her to use just for her typing needs. Now she’s back to square one since it died.

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