Ten Years Ago Today…

I started my career as an “IT Professional”. April 19th, 1995, in addition to being the date of the OKC bombing, was also my first day at Internet Oklahoma (aka ioNET.net), the largest Internet Service Provider (at the time) in the state.

It was quite a first day, with the entire staff doing what we could to get bombing information and news coverage online – the Internet was in its “baby phase” as a news medium at the time. We later won awards for our “new media” coverage.

Ten years ago, I started my first day as the only tech support person at an ISP. Today, I showed up to work for my job as a Senior Systems Administrator for a large oil and gas services company.

It has been quite an interesting ten years.

One thought on “Ten Years Ago Today…

  1. Jerry Seinfeld: “Women need to like the job of the guy they’re with. If they don’t like the job, they don’t like the guy. Men know this. Which is why we make up the phony bogus names for the jobs that we have. “Well, right now, I’m the regional management supervisor.” “I’m in development, research, consulting.”

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