isn’t it strange..

how people get sentimental over the smallest things?

Five years ago, when I was working at OnRamp Access, a friend of mine working at Sun sent me a simple gift – a black stretchy ID-badge lanyard imprinted continuously with the Sun logo in white. Being the hard-core Sun fanatic that I was at the time (in contrast to being a Sun/Apple fan now), it was a highly treasured gift. I hate those little “spring reel” badge holders that so many companies give out, because they always break or malfunction.

For the next five years, I wore this lanyard through three different jobs. Over time, it lost its “stretchy” factor and eventually got to where it hung below my belt, instead of mid-chest. I looked around for an identical or suitably cool replacement, but none were to be found. Tonight, I finally replaced it with a “Safety Clasp Lanyard” from Office Depot.

As I moved my badges and Photon Micro-Light over to the new lanyard, it was like letting go of an old friend.