When you thought people couldn’t get any stupider..

We have this recording (mp3) of a woman calling the local Sheriff’s Department because Burger King won’t make her cheeseburger a certain way. Sometimes I really, really hate people.

7 thoughts on “When you thought people couldn’t get any stupider..

  1. No sound card at work, so I can’t listen yet, but let me guess: she thought “Have it your way” was a legal contract? And she thought that the Sheriff’s Department cared about civil law?

  2. Paul – bingo. The dispatcher says something to the effect of “Sorry ma’am, I can’t send someone down there to enforce a western bacon cheeseburger.”

  3. I finally got the chance to listen to it. That 911 operator was a real BOFH, wasn’t she? “What do you want to do, protect you from a wrong cheeseburger?”

  4. the link appears to be mangled? it has both mrbill.net and nyud.net in the url

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