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  1. I know this is a touchy subject. And I’m not following it all that close mostly because I feel these types of things are no one elses business. Last I checked, when two people are married they become eachothers legal guardians in these types of situations. So I say let an internal family situation be taken care of in the privacy that is the right of internal family. In this case it strikes me that the parents are being very selfish.

    Take what I’ve said with a grain of salt since I’m not all into this. Doesn’t the main stream media have anything of significance to report that they have to resort to airing the private lives of people in nasty situation?

    Just my two cents. šŸ˜‰

  2. An adulterer who abandons his wife should have had no business making life-and-death decisions for the disabled woman who was in the way between him, his illegitimate family, bastard children, and millions of dollars.

    We had a young lady who was capable of eating soft food without a feeding tube (the RN who was feeding her was told to stop and to no longer give her therapy years earlier by her “husband”.)

    There are videos of her laughing at stories, responding to commands, grimacing at tickling her lips, following objects with her eyes when requested, and laughing at music… obviously not brain-dead by any sense of the means.

    We had a “husband” who abandoned his wife for another and had children by his new live-in-woman many years earlier.

    EVERY extended family member (beside the adulterer, who was also an heir to a large settlement, which was supposed to pay for her rehabilitation) did not want to kill her.

    A judge decided to pull the feeding tube AND KEEP ANYONE ELSE FROM GIVING HER FOOD AND WATER (because she had previously shown the capability to eat and drink in sworn deposition.)

    After the tube was removed, her parents’ lawyer told her “all you have to do to have the feeding tube re-inserted is say ‘I want to live’ – and the police escorted the lawyer out after Terri started to yell “I… want… to… !”

    While I believe in the rights of someone to refuse treatment, I have a problem with anyone purposely killing someone who is disabled – especially when the person pulling the trigger had abandoned the spouse years earlier.

    I have a bigger problem with a judge who purposely kills a disabled person by keeping the person from eating or drinking without medical technological intervention (i.e. feeding tube.)

    I have another problem with killing the disabled person and destroying the evidence (i.e. burning instead of burying the corpse when there are pending legal issues.)

    It is terribly ironic that Terri bore the Schindler family name – who saved hundreds of Jews from the cremation chambers in WWII, just to be killed and cremated.

    It is even more terribly ironic to kill someone through starvation during Easter – just to push buttons and show that she would not come back next time… after several failed attempts to kill her via pulling the feeding tube and keeping nurses or relatives from feeding her orally.

    Video’s for your discouragement.

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