3 thoughts on “the sad state of the world

  1. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the phrase “humping her brain dead corpse” for years, and now I’ve obviously missed it.

    I haven’t seen politicans this “outraged” since the Elian Gonzalez deal. What we’re missing is some Janet Reno/jackbooted ATF-style assault on the hospital. It worked for Elian, it’ll work here. We send her to Fidel, he parades her around for a bit, then shoves her into some reeducation camp. Easy as pie.

    Can we somehow work the whole gay marriage angle into this crisis as well?

  2. Wow. I have found you a helpful and interesting commentator on old hardware, unices etc., both here and on the sunhelp.org mailing lists. But the tone of this blog suggests that some sort of blogospheric version of the Peter Principle is operative. Please stick to subjects where crude and unreflective slandering of people you don’t know is S.O.P. (I’m talking about Schiavo’s parents, slam the politicians all you want). Perhaps your true home is the usenet?!?)

    John Redmond

  3. John – notice the “Opnion” category? Everybody’s entitled to one…

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