how i spent my friday night

42 gigabytes of MP3s on network storage, a stack of 100 4.7G DVD-R blanks, and a 2x DVD burner in an iMac G5. It’s averaging about 30-35 minutes per DVD right now. I figure it will finish up sometime next week, then I can start burning the rest of the data off the 120G disk onto another stack of DVDs.

2 thoughts on “how i spent my friday night

  1. Um, wouldn’t it be almost as cheap, and definitely cheaper if you include labor, to just buy a cheap IDE drive and back it all up to that? With as cheap as storage is these days that’s how I go about it. Yeah, it’s not perfect but storage is only getting cheaper.

  2. This was all stored on an external disk hooked to a Linksys NSLU2. I needed to back it up to DVD anyway, so I can retire the NSLU2, hook the disk to the Mac mini, reformat it as HFS+, and copy some of the stuff back off the DVDs so I have it in online storage.

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