25 thoughts on “Best Music Video Ever

  1. Wow, the rainbow guitar strap and track suits date it very much…. :\
    It makes me wonder if they even know what the word are that they are singing, or if they are just singing it by rote. Scary, Scary, Strange.

    But also, in an internet kinda way, cool.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Doesn’t hold a candle to Guns N’ Roses’ November Rain video. November Rain will forever be the greatest music video..ever.

  3. I Agree with ‘Coach’ !
    November Rain is amazin!!
    PErfect Guitar-solo’s, and the Lyrics are HISTORY!

  4. Dear Friends!

    I`m glad that you have seen the beauty of my favourite band, and are happy to announce that they are heading for The States as we speak. This morning i read in a Norwegian newspaper that Hurra Torpedo are on theire way to the states for theire first American tour. They will start up in New York and do Route 66, and will do at least 11-12 gigs. Everything is not settled yet, but its confirmed that they will have concerts in Memphis, Nashville and Las Vegas. Their tour will last for 4 weeks. Don`t miss the chance to see the best band ever!

    Have a great day everyone!


    The news article from today:

  5. Hm.

    I’ll be quite honest, this is one rendition that truly captures the sheer *anguish* in Total Eclipse of the Heart. Let’s face it: the babe has dumped you; wouldn’t you want to destroy a kitchen appliance?


  6. Arguably the best performance ever done by Kristoffer Schou, and fun to see him cooperating with Egil. Brilliant video.

  7. Wow, its damn hard to tell sarcasm from type written text on the net. I really hope all of you realize this is nothing but a Ford motor company add campaigne to advertise their 2006 ford fusion.

  8. @jimmyz: Hurra Torpedo’s US tour would very likely never had happened if it were’nt for the 2006 Ford Fusion, but the band is in fact very far from a Ford gimmick.

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