Screw you, Wells Fargo.

I had a check written on Wells Fargo Bank that I wanted to cash (versus just depositing into my bank account). I looked up the closest location on their website and headed down there.

The lobby was closed, so I had to go through the drive through. “Yes, I’d like to cash this check.” “Sorry sir, we can’t help non-account-holders in the drive through, you’ll have to go to the in-store location at the Randalls at Voss and San Felipe.”

I headed down there. “I’ll need two forms of ID, and there will be a $5 charge to cash this check.”

What the hell? First, they won’t let me cash a check written on THEIR BANK, and then they want $5 for the “convenience”?

Screw you, Wells Fargo.

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  1. I had Wells for several years. They completely screwed me over at every single turn. I dumped them for WAMU about 2-3 years ago and I STILL have fallout from my old Wells accounts that were closed but mysteriuosly reopen and accumulate fees. Washington Mutual has been excellent. I can’t believe anyone willingly does business with Wells.


  2. Wells Fargo is the only halfway decent “big bank” I’ve ever had the privilege to bank with (I say “big bank” because I’m excluding local credit unions and such because those small places always treat you right). I would never leave WF for another, WAMU and B of A all fucked me royally.

  3. Let me guess..It was a payroll check, wasn’t it? This is a standard practice now because of the cost of having to pay for extra labor and ordering hords of cash on pay days where companies with thousands of employees all hit the bank on the same day. I know it sucks for non account holders, but that’s the way it is…

  4. Not only does the banking arm of Wells Fargo suck, so does Wells Fargo Securities. I transfered a 401(k) account to Wells Fargo Securities in 1998. Concerned about losing part of it to fees, I specifically asked the agents (Dave Martell and llater an associate of his) if there would be fees involved if I closed the account. They both told me that if I held onto the mutual funds I purchased for five years there would be no fees involved. About 5 1/2 years later I moved my account to another brokerage firm believing I would not be charged any fees. Well, I’m sure you can guess why I’m writing this. I was socked with almost $700 in fees! No one at Wells Fargo Securitues wanted to help me get my retirement money back. I kept up my end of the deal and Wells Fargo Securities let me down. I closed all my other accounts at Wells Fargo Bank.

  5. I have experienced many frustrations with Wells Fargo, but the latest escapade has me fuming. We have two bank accounts, one with Wells and another with another bank. We recently wrote a check for a very significant amount from one account to the other. Well, it turns out (and I accept the blame for this part, hands down) that we had an unexpected expense hit the non wells account. We were $100 short for the check to wells, but it was ok, because we had overdraft protection. The check cleared and the money went to wells fargo without a hitch. Or so we thought. Wells had called to verify funds and our other bank noted that we were $100 short, but added that the check would clear with no problem. Wells had the money in their account the very next day. Wells Fargo then decided to close our account because of the telephone verification, even though they had the money. Ok, I guess I can live with that. But it gets better. They held the LARGE amount of money in our account hostage for over two weeks. We cannot access it in any way. They bounced checks written before the account was closed. All with no notification to us. So it was our money, money they had in their possession, and yet they still locked it down and bounced every check that came through. And they charged us fees for all of this! HOW IS THIS LEGAL???? Watch out for this bank…I understand that I made a mistake, but doesn’t the resulting action seem a little extreme, particularly since they had the money in the account the whole time? We are still waiting for them to send us our money. We have three days until we can get it back. In the meantime, we are now in a really bad spot. They have made a tremendous amount of money for themselves by doing this, and they have left us in ruins. Whatever you do, please consider another bank and steer clear of Wells Fargo. Their telephone customer service is some of the worst out there. If you do bank with Wells Fargo, please be careful.

  6. $5 for a payroll check, huh? How dare they charge a fee to cash a check for someone that contributes absolutely nothing to the organization! Why do you feel that Wells Fargo should make an effort to pander to people that don’t bank with them? Heqwoman put it the best; it costs the bank a lot of money to cash thousands of checks for non-account holders. Nothing comes for free, and I guarantee you 9 out of 10 banks would charge the same fee, most would charge more, depending on the amount of the check.
    Welcome to banking, cheapskate…….

  7. IT WAS NOT A PAYROLL CHECK. It was a personal check, written by one of their customers, against an account at Wells Fargo.

    I still don’t see why they should charge a fee to make good on a promisory note written against an account that they hold. If they want to charge a fee, charge their customer who wrote the check in the first place.

  8. You’ve got to understand……Wells fargo dowsn’t charge to cash a personal check for a non-customer, no matter what the amount is. The only checks that they charge to cash are business payroll checks, because of the sheer number of non-customers that cash checks against these types of accounts. The businesses are actually the ones to blame. They usually get the cheapest business accts possible, which charge their employees to cash their payroll checks, when for an extra $100 per month or so, the employees could cash them for free.
    NO company in this country gives things to non-customers for free, and wells fargo is no exception.

  9. I worked for Wells Fargo for a long time. They brainwash their sells employees (bankers and tellers) to sell everything to every customer regardless of need. They’ll charge hundreds of dollars in fees to a poor college student or high school kid who can’t pay them and refuse to reverse it. I hated working there and am glas I am not there anymore. They have high interest rates for loans, low interest on savings, cheat their customers wherever they can and treat their employees like crap.

  10. I went through a night mare with Wells Fargo today ,I am on sick leave and they made me call them every month to remove my $12.00 fee since my account is free.I had a few people on the line till I get a real BITCH her bane was Joel a female ,who starts telling me that I will have to change my account ,I said no just reverse charges and thats it , She strts arqueing with me and she goes I am calling 911 for you .I was disapointed 911 what is wrong with this BITCH…So a few minutes passes by after she hang up on me Peramedicts comes to my house ,my 90 years old mother was scared to death since i had a massive heart attack on feb 2nd this year where I died ,I was revived twice .I went down stairs and told them i never called and explained my setuation.I called Wells Fargo SUXXXXX and spoke to deferent people where they took her site and said you told her that you where having a heart attack and you where dieng. What a lier,I called the sherif department to file a complaint but they do not take such complaints,Called TV station Ch. 11 FOX and they SUCK too worst than anyone,Thats why they are doing so bad and no one watches there station…..I am going to fing an Attorney tomorrow and take them to court .They all bunch of liers who covers on each other,They said that my conversation was recorded I want to hear it in court.There is no one you can complin to,Only stinky SUPERVISORS at WELLS FARGO that makes minimum wages and get the name of a SUPERVISOR bunch of loosers.But first class loosers, Fat ugly bitches….I will let you hear what i will do .It will cost Wells Fargo Suckssssssss money.My car will be parked with a big sign telling people my storey .This think would never happened even in the comonizm countries….I just cant believe that her Superviser said she was trying to save your life….Hope that they both wont make it through the night.


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