New Radio (goodbye XM)

With XM Radio increasing their monthly fee to $12.95, adding “features” that I don’t want nor need, I’ve decided to cancel my service next week. I only listen to the 80s channel anyway.

Finally found a good 80s station here in Houston. I can’t afford (or justify the price of) a Bose Wave Radio, so for 1/4th the price, I picked up a Tivoli Audio Model One. I’d looked at them on Amazon, but found a local dealer and bought it this morning.

Edit: I put up some pictures of the Model One.

4 thoughts on “New Radio (goodbye XM)

  1. That Audio Model One looks pretty cool..I’ll be interested to see how you like it.

  2. I’m already in love with it. This one is going to the office, and I’ll eventually buy another for home. I’ve noticed some differences with the “current model” over earlier ones:

    – Front panel now has “AM”, “FM”, and “AUX” choices – you no longer have to plug something into the AUX input and let it manually override
    – Headphone output is definitely stereo

    I’ll try the iPod into it at work tomorrow and see how it sounds, too.

  3. I just bought a car from my sister-in-law and it came with XM. At first i didn’t want to pay for it, but then i really liked cycling through the Rock channels (as well as the 80s channel). Then she finally killed the service once the pink slip for the car changed hands, and that was the longest day of my life, driving with only regular FM radio. I reupped it as soon as i got home.

  4. Having sampled both services for over 6 months now……..Sirius beats XM. With XM Upping their monthly to 12.95, they lost any advantage they had over Sirius. Sirius Music choices (especially on alternative, indie rock, and dance music stations) seems to be edgier…they take more chances and throw out stuff from nowhere. Throw in the NFL, Soccer, NPR, and Howard Stern in 6 months (Not to mention 1st to have Video Feeds), and its a done deal.

    Very happy with Sirius. My 2 SkyFI2 Units, Boombox, car, and home adapters will be available for sale soon on Ebay.

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