Bill’s House for Wayward Fruit

I successfully got work to approve the purchase of a Mac mini for my desktop instead of Yet Another Dell Box Running RedHat. While waiting for it to arrive, I took my personal mini in and have set it up on my desk. Of course, all of my coworkers came by to ooh and ahh over it.

Yesterday, my boss came by and dropped a 500Mhz iMac DV SE (circa 2000) on my desk. “Doctor Bill, can you do anything with this?” I pulled out the Apple service guide and said “Sure”. An hour later, we had it up on the network and updating from OSX 10.1.4 to 10.1.5. Apparently the RAM had been ripped out of it, the HD unplugged, and it had sat in a closet for three years. Today I’m installing OSX 10.3 and iLife ’04, and giving it back to him so he can become one of the Apple Faithful.

My chainmail supplies from The Ring Lord arrived yesterday, so I’m spending the evenings learning how to make mail with the eventual goal of producing some jewelry. I’ve found that working with “raw” aluminum rings turns your hands and work surface black; I need to get a jewelry cleaner and run all of those rings through a couple of cycles.

I’m lusting over the Jewelboxing stuff for organized, indexed archives of all my movies and music. I just wish I could justify it to the accountant who runs the books at home..