Just another manic Monday

The toilet in the blue bathroom sprung a high-pressure leak in the “filler pipe” just below the floater-ball shut-off valve on Saturday. Ten minutes of water spraying everywhere and flushing every 10 seconds (to keep the tank from overflowing), I managed to get the fifty-year-old cutoff valve handle moving and shut the water off. I’ll have to go to Lowes in the next couple of days to get parts to rebuild the “guts” of the tank. It seems the previous owners had left the cutoff valve wide open, providing a lot more water pressure than was needed.

A week ago, I got work to approve the purchase of a Mac mini as my new UNIX desktop system, instead of Yet Another Dell. The 512M memory module for it arrived today, but the system is backordered on Amazon. After some back-and-forth with our purchasing guy, he’s going to go to the Apple Store at the Galleria later this week and just pick one up for me in person. He rocks.

Feeling much better today than I was yesterday (at least, I’m not throwing up today).

2 thoughts on “Just another manic Monday

  1. There’s no reason for a cut-off valve to not be wide open. It’s standard. The valve inside the tank should have no problem handling the pressure. With a new valve I’d say open it all the way up, unless you enjoy listening to your tank taking 5 minutes to fill up. 🙂

  2. It wasn’t the filler valve that failed, it was the plastic pipe/tubing about an inch *under* the filler valve…

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