iMac G5 hardware problems

I got my iMac G5 almost six months ago, and it worked perfectly until two days ago. It started occasionally hanging for 2-3 seconds with “snowy” video, and would then go back to normal. A complete reformat/reinstall didn’t solve the problem, and I started seeing a lot of these in the system.log:

Feb 28 04:11:05 coldshot kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted.
Feb 28 04:13:54 coldshot kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted.
Feb 28 04:49:46 coldshot kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted.
Feb 28 05:03:22 coldshot kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted.
Feb 28 05:12:38 coldshot kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted.

Running the Apple Hardware Test CD resulted in a diagnosis of bad VRAM (built into the system board). This morning I called AppleCare, and I should have a replacement “midplane” (motherboard) here within five days, along with installation instructions.

4 thoughts on “iMac G5 hardware problems

  1. Hey I am sorry to hear that man! That has to suck! I own a g3 and after it would go into hibernation it would freeze. We thought that it was caused by virtual pc but, that didn’t solve the problem. Sorry once again but at least your fixing the problem


  2. Oh, the misery. I also have had my iMac 20″ G5 for about 6 months. I returned to my beloved computer after a week away for work and noticed some funny behaviors. I kind of had a feeling something was going to go wrong weeks ago because the screen would flicker occasionally like it was getting fluctuating power. But today when the dock would hide it would leave some of the pixels funny colors. And then I got the snowy screen freeze a couple times. Console reports “kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted.” I’m trying to get through the hardware test right now but now the screen is screwing up almost constantl as if it keeps shifting to the right and back to the left. When I called Applecare they sounded clueless and told me to take it to CompUSA. Arrghh!

  3. MY OWN iMac has run well except (1) when I put it to sleep it wakes up immediately, and (2) the clock (showing seconds) is not accurate, even though it’s supposed to set itself via the time server.

    OTOH, my friend (a new Mac convert) had his one-month-old iMac replaced at the Apple store, and the replacement worked OK until he went on vacation for a week. Then it wouldn’t turn on. So I zapped the pram, and tried to boot it from a TT4 CD, but it wouldn’t boot from the CD, so it’s hardware-related. This is NOT the way to make a good impression with a Dell convert! These machines need some work, Apple!

  4. When I import a cd into itunes or sometimes when I’m exporting a video with Final cut. The fan comes on high, and everything freezes! the only way out
    is to hold the power button in for 5secs. it makes me crazy, this is my third mac,
    but the first to ever have problems. its a 20inch imac g5, 2gigs of ram.
    I still use my Emac g4 all the time just because I know it won’t freeze.

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