6 thoughts on “Next on the Food Network..

  1. So you’re saying that Rachel Ray has too many shows? That’s crazy. Why do you think we have the Food^H^H^H^H Rachel Ray Channel in the first place?

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Food Network exists only for Good Eats, Iron Chef (.jp), and A Cook’s Tour with Anthony Bourdain.

    As long as Bobby Flay is involved with Iron Chef America, as far as I’m concerned, the show doesn’t exist. I *hate* Bobby Flay. He’s an aarogant prick.

  3. I find Alton Brown strangely enthralling, and admit to peeking occasionally when my wife watching Barefoot Contessa. I’d never *watch* that show, mind you, but if I happen to be in the room, than it’s okay. Right?

    The one that always pushes me over the top has to be that Duct-Taped-Storebought-Meals one, whatever it’s called. The lady drives me insane.

  4. “that Duct-Taped-Storebought-Meals one, whatever it’s called.” is Sandra Lee. And i can certainly see why she annoys you… theres nothing like an entire meal made of mushy chemical filled ‘stuff’ from rusting cans to make you feel excited about food.

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