farewell, Austin.

This weekend, we drove back to Austin and spent an entire day emptying out the rest of, and cleaning, the old house. Monday, the guys will come in and start demolition for the remodeling.

With everything we own either already at the house in Houston or in the back of a truck, I guess this really was farewell to Austin. I moved to the town in September of 1996, to work for Texas.Net, after being one of the first ten employees at ioNET Internetworking Technologies, Inc. (ionet.net) – the first large ISP in Oklahoma. I leave Austin as the Senior UNIX Systems Administrator for a software-development arm of a large multinational company.

I’ll miss my friends and the people I’ve met in Austin – but I’ll also stay in touch with them via the Internet. I’ll miss a couple of really good places to eat – Ichiban on Burnet (for sushi or Korean food), Kiefer’s Cafe just off Metric (for lunchtime sandwiches), and Andiamo on Rutland (which we just discovered a couple of months ago) for very excellent Italian food. Since we’re just off Westheimer here in Houston, there’s plenty of new eateries to discover and find new favorites from. So far, we seem to be going to James’ Coney Island a lot.

It was good to get back “home” to Houston this afternoon.

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  1. Yep, the colo machine is still in Austin for now. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to leave it at OnRamp, or find hosting here in Houston.

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