the beach

Yesterday, we were tired and bored. Since it was only 45 minutes away, we drove to Galveston and spent about half an hour walking around on the beach.

It was my first time to “get sand between my toes” and walk around on a real ocean beach – this country boy hadn’t ever seen anything other than a lakeshore for the thirty years I’ve been alive.

I can see us taking mini-weekend-vacations down there once it warms up a bit. I can really see myself sitting on the beach in a folding chair reading a book or two.

3 thoughts on “the beach

  1. Bill,

    Sounds like fun. Since things are working out and you have alot of money and other cool perks now you should think about buying a boat for your fun time. You can probably go waterskiing and jet skiing and stuff in Galveston. That would be a cool weekend diversion from computers and work. Im jealous!


  2. Do they have refreshments and food stands in the beach areas? One of the cool things we used to do on the florida gulf beaches was spend a day walking from end to end and stopping for lunch and snacks along the way. It was really great not having to leave the beach for food and stuff.

    If you like the water you can usually wade out 2 miles in the gulf !

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