new tunes

Due to the fact that Houston radio (as far as I can tell so far) sucks, I picked up a Delphi XM Roady2 satellite radio receiver along with a home connection kit, and prepaid for three months of XM Satellite Radio service.

Works great here in Austin at my desk, and I’ve got it working in the truck as well. I’m looking forward to using it during the drives between Austin and Houston in the next three weeks.

Being able to listen to CNN and Headline News on the radio is nifty.

2 thoughts on “new tunes

  1. Are you using the FM transmitter thingy to listen to it on your truck radio? I have a “iRock” transmitter thingy for my iPod, and it sucks. If I pull in my radio antenna it helps, but it’s still crackly and low quality. I’ve started driving with my headphones on, which isn’t exactly optimal.

  2. Using the built-in wireless FM transmitter. So far it works great; it has plenty of frequencies to pick from. Haven’t mounted the antenna up on the roof of the truck yet, but it works okay for now just velcroed to the dash under the front of the windshield.

    I had one of those iRocks too (used it with a MP3 CD player) and it sucked (the Roady2 and the iTrip on my iPod sound a LOT better).

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