Sliding towards the dark side..

But only slightly. A few days ago, I built a PC to play games on.

– AMD Sempron 2400+ CPU
– MSI KT4A-V motherboard
– 1G (2×512) PNY PC2700 DDR RAM
– PNY nVidia GeForce FX 5500 video card
– 48/12/48 CDRW I had lying around
– 80G Hitachi/IBM ATA133 HD I had lying around
– Cheapest case that CompUSA had in stock

The HD is partitioned with 40G for Windows XP, and 40G for playing with Solaris x86.

The iMac G5 remains my main (and favorite) computer, and the iBook G4 is my portable, but I got tired of waiting a year and a half for games to come out (or never be released) for OS X. This new system will mainly be used for games and probably DVD ripping as well (I’ve ordered a different case and a DVD-ROM drive from Directron).