the “friends” paradox.

I’m realizing that most of my friends are online, I’ve never met them in person, and the few friends I do have that I’ve met, all live in Austin. Most of A.’s friends are back in her hometown. We’re not drinkers or party animals, we just both turned 30 recently and are “antisocial” because we don’t know anyone to “go out” with, and there’s not much to do in this town if you’re not a drinker or a party person.

I need to get out more and stop sitting in front of the computer for hour after mind-numbing hour when I get home every night. Maybe living in Houston will help that. There just seems like so much “more to do” there than in Austin.

2 thoughts on “the “friends” paradox.

  1. How about nice dinners with friends. There’s nothing more relaxing, in my opinion, than sitting around someone’s place or at a nice restaurant having a meal and a good conversation.

    Ha ha, what’s turning thirty got to do with anything? 😉

  2. Find a poker group. Find a hobby, not computers. Join a club.

    Seriously, you’ve gotta go out and find them. People won’t come to you.

    I play poker on a weekly basis. You’re welcome to join though you’ve said you don’t like poker.
    I race my RC truck. Not a very expensive hobby once you’ve got the car.
    I shoot. Ok, that’s and expensive hobby but you meet all kinds of people that way.
    Don’t knock work as a place to meet people to hang out with. Some of my best friends in Austin I’ve met at work. We go out all the time. To the lake on our boats, the movies, even vacation together.

    Don’t worry about being older. I turned 34 yesterday. I felt a lot older but I think that had to do with spending almost the entire day before crawling in my attic wiring my surround sound system the correct way. 🙂

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