that was fun

I don’t think I’ve ever been that sick before, ever, in my life.

Here’s a small timeline.
Monday 11/1: Eh, its just the flu.
Tuesday 11/2: The doctor sends me home with pneumonia.
I spend election night feverishly hallucinating (oh wait, I guess Bush DID win after all..)
Wednesday 11/3 through Monday 11/8: A blur. I sleep about 18 hours a day.
Friday 11/5: Oh? I turn 30 today? wheee! *passout*
Tuesday 11/9: I start to feel almost okay for the first time in a week.
Wednesday 11/10: Okay, going to the corner store still tires me out.
Thursday 11/11: I can breathe semi-normally.

It sucks that I ended up using my vacation time sick in bed.