in sickness and in health

Both Amy and I have been sick for the past few days. She started feeling ill over the weekend on our trip to Houston, and I caught it on Monday. Yesterday (well, Tuesday) I went to the doctor and they ended up putting me on 500mg a day of Levaquin after diagnosing me with pneumonia. This is some pretty serious medication – two days later, I’m feeling better. Some of those listed side effects are scary – why don’t they just say “we don’t know what it will do; MAY CAUSE DEATH”?

I spent election evening half-delirious with fever, being taken care of by Amy, who was still sick too (its nice to have someone who wipes your forehead and face when you’re too weak from vomiting to do it yourself).

I voted for Kerry, and was disappointed with the results. On one hand, I have to say “What a wuss, for giving up and and conceding the election before they even finished counting” – but on the other, I have to say “Thanks for not dragging us through weeks of recounts and legal challenges like 2000.” Only time will tell if America made the right choice.

I can love my country without liking my President.

I took pictures of the two Mini-ITX PCs I’ve built so far: take a look at my backup server and the in-progress Asterisk PBX server.

I turn 30 on Friday. Birthdays don’t really seem to matter that much anymore.