just another manic monday

Busy day at work today. Give me a couple more like this and we’ll have the new Austin office completely up and running at full speed. I’ve had numerous coworkers do a double-take at my iBook G4 and come over to admire it. “Wow, so that runs UNIX?”

Anybody want to buy (or trade me something nifty for) a Microsoft MN-700 Wireless Base Station? 4-port 10/100 switch, 802.11b/g wireless router/gateway/access point (can be configured with a web browser and works with any system, despite what MS’s system requirements say).

I bought it from Woot! last week, but before it arrived, found a refurbished NetGear MR814 on special at Fry’s (and I had just enough store credit from a return to get it). I updated the firmware on the MN-700 tonight to the latest released version and made sure it works, but now I’ve got *two* wired/wireless routers sitting here spare and don’t need both of them so the MN-700 can go.

I’m annoyed that iDVD still only works with DVD-R discs, even though the “SuperDrive” that shipped in my iMac G5 writes to both DVD-R and DVD+R. I had to go to Walgreens and pick up a 3-pack of DVD-R discs even though I have almost a hundred DVD+R discs sitting here.

I need this bumper sticker.

“We believe that there is strong possibility that the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan might be a little far away or maybe even a little too busy to be checking out the pseudopatriotic magnet on the back of a 1986 Geo Metro as it drives down I-95 or sits in an Olive Garden parking lot.”

fun fun fun

I’ve been horribly busy the past week. Wednesday we shut down most of the Austin datacenter. Thursday, movers showed up and packed most of the Austin datacenter. I drove to Houston (3 hour trip @ 70mph) that afternoon, and spent Friday at our headquarters in Houston setting up my new office and getting the systems from Austin back online. I finally got back home around 9:30 Friday night. I go back tomorrow (Monday) morning, and depending on how tired I am, will either spend Monday night in Houston and drive back Tuesday, or if I feel good enough, drive back Monday night.

As I mentioned before, I turned 30 on November 5th. Over the past few years, I’ve started feeling old. At times I’m not as alert or don’t feel as “sharp” as I did at say, 21. My memory’s not near as good as it used to be. I’ve started researching memory enhancement techniques and psychology, and bought “Your Memory: How it Works and How to Improve it” by Higbee based on reviews I read at Amazon. I should probably ask Kathryn for recommendations on general psychology/brain books for “normal folks”.

Over the past couple of days I’ve turned one of my mini-ITX boxes (built around VIA EPIA V10KA motherboards) into a Windows system to use for working from home the next few weeks until we get moved. It works surprisingly well (1Ghz VIA C3 CPU, 1G RAM), and the only limitation I’ve found so far is the onboard graphics is limited to 8M of shared memory – so no 1280×1024 24bit color. I’m limited to 1024×768 for now. I need to find a PCI-bus, low-profile nVidia GeForce card of some sort that will fit in this case.

Anybody in the Austin area want a free 9-inch mono VGA monitor? I’m now using my spare 18″ LCD on my setup desk and workbench, and don’t want to toss the tiny CRT if someone can use it. Speak up, and pick it up, and it’s yours.

When we shut down the Austin office at work, all of the older PCs were given to the employees. I grabbed a Dell system (P2 450Mhz, 256M RAM, 20G HD, CD-ROM), called “hormel” in a former life, that was our very first anti-spam test server for sentimental reasons. I’ve also got a dual P3-500Mhz Xeon box that will probably be a testbed for Solaris 10 x86 when I have time.

More to come later.. For now, I’m doing laundry and prepping things in advance for the trip back to Houston tomorrow.

Fun with the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive can lead to evenings of fun if you have a decent broadband connection to download videos. Especially interesting are the Prelinger Archives of “ephemerial” films – remember the stuff you watched on a warbly 35mm projector in school?

Here’s some of the clips I’ve run across tonight:


I’m a long-time supporter and fan of Dave Madison‘s Album software for making HTML image galleries, and use it for all of my stuff.

Tonight I went to the web page to check and see if I had the latest verson, and noticed that Dave mentioned me in the “Thanks to” section!

I’ll have to send him another $10 soon…