More Mini-ITX Goodness

In preparation for setting up an Asterisk-based PBX and voicemail system here at the house, I built another Mini-ITX system over the weekend.

Since we were in Houston on Friday and Saturday, I ordered parts from Directron as normal (this will be the third system I’ve built with parts from them), but picked everything up in person on Friday afternoon to save on shipping costs.

Here’s the parts list:

  • VIA EPIA V10000A motherboard (C3 1Ghz)
  • Mitsumi 24X black slimline CD-ROM drive
  • Hitachi Deskstar 82.3G ATA100 hard drive
  • Casetronic ITX-2699R Mini-ITX case
  • Because the case uses an external “brick” power supply and only has two tiny 4cm fans, its almost noiseless – my TiVo makes more noise than this system does. I already had PC133 memory sitting around, so I didn’t need to purchase any.

    I did have to go pick up a longer IDE cable from CompUSA, as this motherboard only has one IDE connector and so I needed a cable with more length than normal between the master and slave devices since they don’t sit above one another.

    I’m waiting on my X100P FXO card and my Grandstream Budgetone BT101 IP phone to arrive, along with a copy of VoIP Telephony with Asterisk, and I can get started.

    To test everything out, I installed Ubuntu Linux and am *very* impressed with the results. Someone finally made an easily-installable Debian system!

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