Heckled for my Bumper Stickers

I don’t normally like to talk in depth about politics here, but something this morning happened that was quite funny.

I’ve got two bumper stickers on my truck – one normal Kerry/Edwards sticker, and below it, a sticker that says “Bush Made Me A Democrat“. This is true, as I supported Bush in the 2000 presidential election.

Anyway, this morning I was sitting at the stop light at Burnet & Rutland on my way to work. A guy pulls up and stops in the turn lane to my right, and honks his horn to get my attention. I look over, turn down my radio, and roll down my window.

He’s in a suit and tie, and driving a luxury SUV. “Bush made you a Democrat?” he said. I look over, grin, and say “Yeah.” He looked back at me with a look that could best be described as “Punk!” or “Dirty hippie!”, yells “GET A HAIRCUT, SON!”, stomps on his gas, and squeals off.

Even funnier is the fact that my hair doesn’t even touch my collar in back.

I may not agree with everyone on their political views, but I don’t normally discuss it in public, and I definitely don’t harass people in traffic about it.

4 thoughts on “Heckled for my Bumper Stickers

  1. Heh. Yeah some winger cave imp with downs kicked over my Kerry stickered bike yesterday, unfortunately when I wasn’t around. Republicans’ political ideology seems to boil down to “you’re a fag LOLOLO!!!”

  2. Oh, I simply MUST get one of those Bush made me a Democrat stickers! Those are awesome! I’ve hated Bush ever since he ran for governor of Texas, so he converted me long before 2000. But now it is stronger than ever before.

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