finally got a DVD burner

Frys had a BTC DVD burner for $49.95. 8x DVD+/-R, 4x DVD+/-RW, 40X CD/CDR, 12X DVD-read. Yanked the factory Apple combo drive and my Lite-On 48x CD burner out of my Mac, installed the BTC drive and PatchBurn, and the drive is natively supported for DVD and CD writing under OS X. I use Dragon Burn for all of my CD creation anyway.

Just finished burning my first DVD here at home, and it worked great.

One thought on “finally got a DVD burner

  1. I hadn’t heard of Patchburn. I wonder if I can squeeze one of those in the eMac. I know you can replace the CD-ROM in an eMac with a Pioneer but didn’t know others would work.

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