The hammer falls.

We had an all-hands meeting at 10am.

They’re closing the Austin office effective November 30th. We’ll find out later today if we either get offered to stay in Austin and continue development, get relocation offers to Houston, or get a severance package and leave the building.

First Broadwing in 2002, and now this. I just want to work for a company that won’t go out of business or close its offices every two years.

5 thoughts on “The hammer falls.

  1. its not going to happen. all companies are just self serving pigs out for one thign profit for the shareholders. with all this outsourcing american jobs to lowly third world scum the trend is not going to stop anytime soon.

    sorry to hear your loss 🙁

  2. The more they lay off the higher their stocks go. Think of how high their stocks would be if they laid-off the entire company. Brilliant!

    I’m about ready for a career change myself. Screw I.T. I’m gonna go work for my dad fulltime selling ranchland.

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