… and narrowly misses.

I’ve been offered a relocation package to move to Houston and work at headquarters there. We’ll go in tomorrow to see the details of the relo package, then spend the weekend deciding if we want to move, or if I want to stay here and continue to brave the Austin tech employment wilderness.

Chris, one of my best friends and sysadmin partner for the past two years, was let go. I’d hoped they would have kept him on long enough to get all of the datacenter shut down, systems readied to ship out to other offices, etc. Looks like I’ll be very busy for the next two months.

Any recommendations for colocating / hosting companies in the Houston area? I’m keeping things at OnRamp Access here in Austin for now, but I’ll eventually have to move my machine to where I can get to it for physical maintenance if necessary.

4 thoughts on “… and narrowly misses.

  1. Yeah, good luck buddy. For all the crap that Austinites dump on H-Town, it’s actually not that bad of a place.

    Well, truthfully, it kinda is, but at least you got 3 local sports franchises that will consistently build up your hopes, only to tear them back down. 🙂

    Make sure you let us know before (if) you leave: the first round’s on me.

  2. so how many days until you move? are they buying you a house in houston?

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