on the road again..

Finally got my truck back tonight. I’ve been without transportation for the past two days (almost).

Monday night, we were sitting in a fast-food drivethrough when I look down and see that the engine temperature gauge was pegged at “H” (hot). Quickly turned off the engine to let things cool down, then we made a quick trip home, where i popped the hood to discover that something was wrong and most of the coolant had boiled off.

The next morning I refilled the radiator with antifreeze and water, and drove directly to the Kia dealership on north 183. I dropped it off at the service department, and told them about the cooling problem, in addition to the fact that the AC no longer worked and I needed an oil change.

Earl from the service department called me back Tuesday afternoon, and told me that the cooling problem was caused by a bad radiator fan clutch. The AC problems were due to a leaky compressor. They had to order parts, and would have everything fixed today (Wednesday).

I finally picked the truck up tonight around 8pm. They replaced the entire radiator fan assembly, the thermostat, the AC condenser, the AC compressor, and various other assorted things, and changed the oil and filter. Thanks to Kia’s 60K-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, my only out of pocket cost was $27.27 for the oil and filter change.

I’ve got a couple other minor problems that I’ll go back to get fixed before I hit 60K miles (I’m at 58030 right now), but I’ve got AC in the truck now for the first time in three years, and I’m happy.