3 thoughts on “Passed the RHCE!

  1. ok for people with hpux and solaris real world experience how hard was the test? did you do any training?

    i know the sun tests do alot of stuff like printing and admintool which most dont use

  2. For people with “production” real-world experience its not a problem, *IF* you take the four-day refresher course beforehand to cover Red Hat and linux-specific ways of doing certain things.

    I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking the test “cold” to anyone who doesn’t have lots of recent RH working knowledge.

    I asked my instructor if we were going to be tested on the “Red Hat way” or “the ‘make it work’ way” of doing things – and he said, “for the building-a-system part of it, as long as you meet the objectives, we don’t care how you configure it; if you want to use VI and do config files manually, thats up to you.”

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