Slipping on the floor is no fun when your bare foot goes under the door, the door catches your big toenail, and rips half of it up off the nail bed. Ow.

More Mini-ITX Goodness

In preparation for setting up an Asterisk-based PBX and voicemail system here at the house, I built another Mini-ITX system over the weekend.

Since we were in Houston on Friday and Saturday, I ordered parts from Directron as normal (this will be the third system I’ve built with parts from them), but picked everything up in person on Friday afternoon to save on shipping costs.

Here’s the parts list:

  • VIA EPIA V10000A motherboard (C3 1Ghz)
  • Mitsumi 24X black slimline CD-ROM drive
  • Hitachi Deskstar 82.3G ATA100 hard drive
  • Casetronic ITX-2699R Mini-ITX case
  • Because the case uses an external “brick” power supply and only has two tiny 4cm fans, its almost noiseless – my TiVo makes more noise than this system does. I already had PC133 memory sitting around, so I didn’t need to purchase any.

    I did have to go pick up a longer IDE cable from CompUSA, as this motherboard only has one IDE connector and so I needed a cable with more length than normal between the master and slave devices since they don’t sit above one another.

    I’m waiting on my X100P FXO card and my Grandstream Budgetone BT101 IP phone to arrive, along with a copy of VoIP Telephony with Asterisk, and I can get started.

    To test everything out, I installed Ubuntu Linux and am *very* impressed with the results. Someone finally made an easily-installable Debian system!


    As I venture into VoIP at home, I’m playing with Skype. If anybody wants to give me a call, see the “Skype Me” button on the right, or just call “billbradford”.

    where’d they go?

    I have somehow managed to misplace an entire fifty-count spindle of DVD+R blanks. This does not amuse me in the slightest.

    I’ve got the spindle of CD-Rs here, sure, but the DVD+R blanks are nowhere to be found.

    Aha! Amy found them in the living room, where I’d taken them to backup data off the G4.

    Packing it up…

    Just finished cleaning up the PowerMac G4 tower, and am getting ready to pack it up to ship to its new owner tomorrow. Bruce, enjoy! It served me great as a desktop machine for almost two full years, running 24/7.


    My TV, that is!

    We’re moving to in early December, and decided that we didn’t want to bother with the hassle of moving a 51″ rear-projection HDTV a hundred and fifty miles. We just got back from the 24-hour Wal-Mart with its replacement, a 24″ Sanyo DS24424. So, tomorrow Tony will be going home with some large-screen goodness.

    We’ll stick with the smaller CRT TV for the bedroom, and will eventually get a 30″ or 42″ flat panel plasma EDTV for the living room at the new place. We don’t need HDTV, since the DirecTiVo only outputs SD, and that over S-Video is good enough.

    I Voted

    I voted today for the first time in my life, at, of all places, the mall. I like the fact that people are allowed to vote early in Texas.

    The electronic voting machines resemble giant PDAs. I didn’t encounter any of the problems that Travis County is blaming on user error, and there were plenty of instructions on how to properly use the voting machines.

    I would prefer paper voting, but I can see how it would be unfeasible in a large city.

    Heckled for my Bumper Stickers

    I don’t normally like to talk in depth about politics here, but something this morning happened that was quite funny.

    I’ve got two bumper stickers on my truck – one normal Kerry/Edwards sticker, and below it, a sticker that says “Bush Made Me A Democrat“. This is true, as I supported Bush in the 2000 presidential election.

    Anyway, this morning I was sitting at the stop light at Burnet & Rutland on my way to work. A guy pulls up and stops in the turn lane to my right, and honks his horn to get my attention. I look over, turn down my radio, and roll down my window.

    He’s in a suit and tie, and driving a luxury SUV. “Bush made you a Democrat?” he said. I look over, grin, and say “Yeah.” He looked back at me with a look that could best be described as “Punk!” or “Dirty hippie!”, yells “GET A HAIRCUT, SON!”, stomps on his gas, and squeals off.

    Even funnier is the fact that my hair doesn’t even touch my collar in back.

    I may not agree with everyone on their political views, but I don’t normally discuss it in public, and I definitely don’t harass people in traffic about it.