Red Hat Goodies Bag

Had the first day of my RHCE cram-and-exam course today. The instructor is nice, and the class is sixteen people. I’ve had no trouble so far and I think I’ll do well; I’ve had a couple of “Oh!” moments that clarified how things work, so I’m learning things.

As part of the course, everyone got a bag with the following goodies:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES Media Kit (with 30-day update license)
  • Red Hat-logo notebook
  • Red Hat “calendar strip” for the top of a monitor or whatever
  • Wind-up “Red Hat with feet” walking toy
  • A red 3.5″ floppy diskette, to be used later in the course for an emergency boot floppy
  • and last of all, a COFFEE MUG (its a really nice coffee mug)

You’d think that for $2495 they could give us more than a 30-day trial subscription to RHN…

One thought on “Red Hat Goodies Bag

  1. what i would like to see is they give everyone a full linux penguin costume like the kind you see in those funny convention pictures. back in 2000 one of our datacenter colos was at PSI and we were just setting up when these two dudes came bursting in wearing two full penguin costumes.

    i almost wet myself laughing watching them stand in front of a rack frantically trying to get their websites up which had crashed during some trade show presentation. IPOs and Linux a winning combination!


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