More Gmail invites available

I’ve got 15 or so GMail invites available if anybody wants one.. Just speak up in the comments and tell me who you are and why you want/need it. Don’t forget to enter your email address so I can send the invitation.

12 thoughts on “More Gmail invites available

  1. Please send two invites at your convenience. My father is trying to ditch AOL and needs a new email address. I would like the storage!

  2. Just wondering if i can have a gmail invite too please. To be honest, my friends send me alot of rude emails and they no longer fit in my hotmail inbox meaning i miss out on all my “valuable” information 🙂 thanks kindly.

  3. man i have aol too and it is so crappy. pleas give me i will highly appreciatre it

  4. Please I use an excrement of account of the hotmail of 2 megas, it sends me an invitation for the gmail.

  5. I am a student and studying computer scrience a gmail account would be very usefull
    Please send me an invite

  6. I hope you have some invites left. Hotmail just cant support and power point presentations, and I would Greatly appreciate a Gmail account so i can mail myself the presentations for classroom use

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