Training next week

Taking it early this weekend, as I’ve got a RHCE four-day class and certification exam next week.

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  1. will we see a or soon? it seems more and more companies are just going linux and dumping sun/hp/sgi etc. oh what a sad state of affairs.

    what kind of classes are these? lab classes or just a quick cram before the certification test?

  2. Nope, no linuxhelp or redhathelp planned. In fact, I’ll probably shut down ciscohelp and machelp soon because I just don’t have time to keep three sites running properly full-time.

    My company isn’t ditching Solaris anytime soon, although we’ve pretty much ditched AIX and IRIX is on the way out (we have to provide what the customers want). This is just the training I opted for this year.

    This is the RH300 rapid-track course. Basically four days of quick cramming and then the exam on Friday.

  3. ours is rapidly moving from solaris to linux thanks to the buzz on open source in all those CTO/CIO moron magazines etc. Im sure something like this will creep up soon in our training budget.

    my limited experience with redhat was logging a support call and having someone call us back half drunk at a rave as the primary engineer.

    i weep for the future

  4. Well, this was the best thing I could think of for training that pertained to what I do every day. I end up doing about 50% Linux sysadmin, 25% Solaris, and 25% “general stuff that is the same on every *nix” (Postfix/Sendmail, Apache, DNS, etc..)

    Our recently-implemented (two months ago) edge mail server antispam/antivirus solution (using Postfix, Amavisd-new, SpamAssassin 3..0, and ClamAV) is built on top of Solaris. I “reused” existing hardware to do it, and as a result, we are probably not going to renew the licenses for our Windows-based email AV-scanning machines later this year since they’re not needed and everything is done at the border.

  5. it’s about the same here but everything is now mandated to go linux meaning any new deployments are tuxed up. we can reuse all the existing sun stuff for infrastructure items like syslog servers, backup servers etc but any new oracle/web/app deployments go with the penguin.

    the funny part is these x86 servers are not cheap and the redhat and other support costs jack the price up even further. in the end we save about 5-7k versus the equivalent sun but jack our total cost of support sky high as the linux servers generally give far more trouble overall usually due to that shitass x86 architecture.

    i just got back from perforce SCM training myself. i can handle about one training per year. i really hate classrooms and school and anything remotely related. 🙂

    post a link to your redhat certification when you get back and let us know how hard/easy the test is. im sure they will start sending us to stuff like this soon.

  6. My coworker (who has only been doing computers for a living for about 3 years) passed his MCSE about a year ago. Two months ago, he passed the RHCT (3/4ths of the RHCE exam) with no problem. My ex-manager told me “Dude, just go for the RHCE, you will pass it with no problem”. Judging from looking at his class notebook and one from my coworker, as well as a “RHCE cram” book, it will be easy. I do this kind of stuff every day.

    They’ll actually send me my certificate as a PDF file! For $2500, sure they’ll provide breakfast and lunch, but can’t send me an actual piece of paper…

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