9 thoughts on “Police State: NYC 2004

  1. Do not sympathize with democrat traitors who have sold our country out
    out. They should have been lined up and shot instead of just
    inconvenienced for a few hours.

    if we dont elect bush we will lose our country

  2. Sorry, Bill, gotta respond again. The people who complain about the abridgement of their first amendment rights in NYC were nowhere to be found when it was being done to the other side in Boston with its ‘Free Speech Zone’. If you wanted to be seen and heard you were herded into a razor-wire topped pen. I guess there’s no problem as long as it’s The Right being put down.
    Wired.com article

    P.S. The AWB expired. When are we gonna go play with my toys? That’s as good a reason as any.

  3. Quick follow up. I was looking for this article and found it after I posted. Read this all the way through. Of those voting for Kerry only 41% are voting _for_ him and 51% are voting against Bush. More than 1/2 the people voting for him are only voting because they don’t like Bush? Only 41% are voting for him because they support his platform. You mean the Dems couldn’t find anyone they liked enough to vote for? Running a campain on the ‘I’m not him’ line is very tenuous at best.

    Sorry, Bill. You brought it up. 🙂

  4. And people wonder why I’m giving serious thought to voting for Hong Kong Phooey.

    As for Bush, well, he’s a crook. No more or no less a crook than any other politician but he has managed to make much of the entire world look upon our nation as a bunch of syncophantic schoolyard bullies gone mad.

    Kerry? Hell, I’m female. So throwing up that crap about him changing his mind on policy doesn’t faze me. I change my mind four times a day before I put my shoes on to go out the door each day. I think his problem is that he lacks the charisma that was Clinton’s forte and balls. His wife’s got the latter (unwise but funny for her to tell the press to ‘shove it’).

    I think Kerry-McCain would’ve been a moderately successful ballot. Unfortunately it didn’t go that way so now, whichever way people vote, there’s gonna be four more years of he said/she said in Congress.

  5. kerry is not going to win our country back. george bush and his successful policy on terror will. the country needs concentration camps for all arabs and muslims if we truly want to win the war and cleanse the world of terrorism

  6. It’s events like those in this report, and stupid comments like those of James Winfield here – but said by people who matter -that are keeping me from visiting my many good friends in the US. I will not risk myself in a police state.

  7. It’s actually not a police state. It just turns into a fiasco when you live in Texas and are openly saying you’re gonna vote democratic this year. Try and understand it’s a bit like going against the family’s orders and operations.

    While I have sympathy for those detained unfairly, I have to question their sense in putting themselves in that position to begin with. It’s not like you couldn’t see it coming a mile away or anything.

    And, um, yeah.. Winfield’s an asshat.

  8. Getting arrested was their entire purpose in olding the demonstration. They wanted to show what it was like: hold a peaceful, orderly demonstration, get arrested anyway. Having opinions isn’t allowed any more, see.

    They sure made their point. They should publish as many stories as they can about their mistreatment at the hands of the police, to let as many people as possible know what’s happened to the First Amendment.

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