3 thoughts on “RIP, Indian Larry

  1. He seemed like a decent guy and all but when you stand on the seat of your bike and don’t wear protection Uncle Chuck is gonna get you eventually. He did build great bikes though.

  2. I just got into the Motorcycle scene, watching OCC, Jesse James, Indian Larry, and Billy Lane on Discovery Channel. They inspired me to love motorcycles either if its a sportsbike, or a Chopper. Indian Larry seemed like a person to look up to, he had his faith well grasped, and didn’t waste his life. RIP Indian Larry, you will be missed.

  3. In my opinio the man was an artist, and I loved his work. The man was a spiritual inspiration. The only thing that got my–and forgive me if I’m wrong–was the fact that there was no coverage on his death by the media here in California. If it wasn’t for the “Biker Build-Off” I would not have known at all, and still I found out 3 months later.

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