My Linksys WRT54G wired/wireless router arrived today. The first thing I did after unpacking it was install the Sveasoft firmware on it. The WRT54G is actually a tiny embedded Linux box, so the software it runs is available for people to modify and enhance. The Sveasoft firmware adds a ton of features not present in the official Linksys firmware. After that was done, I reconfigured my PIX 501 to sit behind the Linksys, and got the hardware VPN connection to the office working again.

This is all prep work for when my new iBook (G4/800/640M/30G/12.1″/Airport Extreme) arrives tomorrow. This weekend I think I’ll go wardriving and look around the neighborhood for open access points.

2 thoughts on “TOYS!

  1. If you go wardriving you’re gonna hear that thing beeping its head off. I’m amazed at how many open access points there are in Austin. People just don’t secure them. I like to hook up a GPS then you can overlay access points on a map with their coverage. Fun stuff…

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