Well, I’ve got one GMail account invite left. Anybody want it?
edit: because there seem to be a rush of people who can’t read or comprehend things, I’ve already given it away.

6 thoughts on “gmail

  1. pananth,

    First off, u cant speel rite. Second, you can’t read either, because in the comment above yours I stated that the invite was already gone. Third, I don’t know you.

    Oh, and also, “no”.

  2. Kind of harsh to pananth_2. You’re a nicer guy than that Bill. Besides, your grammar could use some help. 🙂

  3. Seth,

    People who use “Internet Grammar” really, really annoy me. This isn’t AIM, so people shouldn’t use “shorthand”… Perhaps I’m just an “old fogey” when it comes to things like this.

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